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Evaluation (code 96112, 97165, 97166, or 97167)

60 – 130minutes: $300

Treatment (code 97530):

60 minutes: $100- 120

Barton and Orton Gillingham reading services

30 – 60 minutes: $30 -$60


Debbie Lund is in network with the following insurance companies:

United health care



If you have the these insurances, we can bill your insurance directly.  You will be responsible for copays, coinsurance and any other costs.

Should families decide to pursue an insurance that we are not in network with and not able to bill directly we can provide an itemized superbill with the associated codes and information requested. Due to the diversity in insurance plan, we are not able to counsel families on their individual insurances and families are urged to call their insurance companies to discuss their specific coverage before making their payment decisions. Families will be required to pay their invoice in full by the due date regardless of their billing choices. Please read the policy for late payment at the bottom of your invoice.

Private Pay

Families who don’t have insurance coverage can pay Two Fish Therapy directly. Some insurances reimburse for out of network services, if a family wishes to pursue insurance reimbursement on their own we are able to provide a super bill which is an itemized invoice and receipt with diagnosis (provided by a medical doctor) and treatment codes. The super bill and receipt will be provided following payment. The family then will submit the bill to their insurance company for reimbursement.

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