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Our exceptional and unique academic services are truly designed to meet your child’s specific needs. We pride ourselves in taking a whole brain approach to education where we focus on your whole child and provide interventions to meet their specific strengths and weaknesses.

At Two Fish Therapy we offer one of a kind specialized assessment and treatment of your child’s neurodevelopmental abilities AND/OR academic abilities (reading, writing, and math). This two-tiered approach allows us to identify and target essential components needed for their school success.

Not sure if your child needs services? We are a great place to start if your child does not have any diagnosis, but you are worried because they are struggling academically. In this case, we can screen and evaluate your child for indicators of a variety of learning disabilities including dyslexia, dysgraphia, auditory processing disorder, visual processing disorders, and other developmental delays.  Early intervention is proven to be the key to success.

If they have already been evaluated and diagnosed, we can review their prior assessment and tailor future tutoring to meet their unique academic needs.

Academic Testing:
We can screen and/or evaluate your child for delays or impairments in academic skills that are consistent with specific learning disabilities including, Dyscalculia (math), Dysgraphia (writing) and/or Dyslexia (reading).

Neurodevelopmental Testing:
In addition to academic testing, we also test for strength and delays in any of these developmental areas:

  • Primitive reflexes
  • Sensory processing skills (our abilities to control our responses to sensory input) Motor skills (sensory, fine, eye-hand coordination, and gross)
  • Ocular motor skills (our ability to coordinate and control eye movement for functional use – reading, writing, math)
  • Visual processing (for instance perception how we interpret what we see which is different from acuity which assesses how clearly we see) and memory
  • Auditory processing skills (including discrimination and Phonological (how we process sounds) processing skills
  • Executive functioning skills (our ability to control higher order thinking including controlling impulses, planning, following directions, etc.)

Tutoring Intervention Plans:
Our comprehensive evaluation gets to the root of your child’s academic difficulties enabling us to make specific learning plans to help them meet their fullest academic potential.

Scholarship and Insurances:
We accepted a variety of health care insurances as well as state school scholarships. We are Family Empowerment (previously known as Gardiner) Providers!


School based Occupational Therapists improve functional attention/concentration, information processing, processing accuracy and speed, learning, behavior, movement, social emotional, executive functioning, play and self-care skills that children require to meet their greatest potential in all school environments across all ages. The following link provides more detailed information on areas we area and treat in therapy.

Occupational Therapists at Two Fish Therapy complete detailed assessment based on the teacher and parent reasons for referral. This process allows us to focus on the most impactful areas of concern and thus plan, target and achieve meaningful and attainable goals and child centered treatment plans. Treatment plans consist of a variety of interventions and best practices chosen to support each child to meet their specific needs and progress toward achieving their goals.

The following link provides more information on the specific programs we provide at Two Fish Therapy.

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School Based Speech-language pathology improves the ability for children to communicate functionally and effectively, both verbally and non-verbally. Speech-language pathologists work to improve the child’s ability to understand and use language to express their thoughts, feelings and needs. Speech-Language Pathologists address articulation difficulties, oral motor, and social communication difficulties.

School Based Speech-Language Pathology can work to develop these areas in a child:

• Receptive language
• Expressive language
• Articulation, voice, fluency
• Verbal apraxia
• Stuttering disorders
• Alternative means of communication
• Improper social use of language
• Language based reading disorders
• Augmentative communication training
• Recommendation of non-verbal communication devices


Educational Specialists work in collaboration with therapists and teachers to address goals identified through Academic Achievement and therapeutic testing. Specialists can target reading, writing and math using child-centered recommendations and intervention strategies determined by the multidisciplinary team, to meet he child’s specific needs.

To address reading and spelling needs, we offer both Orton-Gillingham, and Barton Reading and Spelling services. As a child- centered multi-disciplinary team, we appreciate that all children are unique and that not all children benefit from these program as a whole (“box” programs) and need more specialized services, therefore we can offer both to these programs, and other strategies in our individualized plans, to meet your child’s specific learning needs, based on evidence.

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