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Visual Processing


Visual perception is the ability to perceive and process visual information. Visual motor integration is the ability to coordinate visual information with motor skills and create an accurate response, including eye hand coordination. Ocular motor control is the ability to control eye movement. These areas effect the way children receive, processing, store, retrieve, respond to and produce all academic information.

What Is Vision Therapy?


Sensorimotor processes required for the function of the ocular motor system. Dysfunction is characterized by the inability to perform accurate and effective ocular pursuits, saccades, and fixations.

Signs and Symptoms ocular motor dysfunction may include:

Losing place and/or omission of words when reading, skipping letters or words in reading, poor alignment and spacing in handwriting and math equations, difficulties following / tracking moving objects, poor visual attention, easily distracted by moving environment, poor motivation for work that taxes ocular motor skills (reading, writing, copying, eye –hand or eye-foot sports), poor academic performance, motion sickness, associated with motor coordination deficits.

American Optometric Association