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Sensory Regulation Bundle

  • Sensory Regulation Learning and Behavior.
  • Sensory Regulation – Alerting Activities, help children to change their energy levels from low energy to just right using these exercises.
  • Sensory Regulation – Calm and Focus
  • Sensory Regulation- Maintain and Focus

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Visual Scanning

  • Visual Scanning 1 : Sight Words and Reversals b, d
  • Visual Scanning 2: Sight Words and Reversals p, q
  • Visual Scanning 3: Commonly misspelled sight words, end blends.

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WORD FAMILY “ad” and sight words I, like, my, red

Great for distance learning, classroom, centers, smart boards, and homework assignments! Children need to build good memory skills in order to be able to read and spell. This packet begins with visual memory activities that provide fun opportunities to build skills and support memory.

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Beginning Sounds MATS with Audio p, s, i, n, r, u, h, f

These cards will help your kiddos develop visual scanning skills while working on learning beginning sounds. Review of beginning sounds p, s, i, n, r, u, h, f.

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Letters Sounds: y,v,x,z ,w with audio – #6

This is the #6 piece of a letter sound bundle that includes audio. This deck uses principles of Universal Design and Strength Based Learning within a Multi- Sensory approach to enable access to learning for a variety of learning styles. It focuses on visual, auditory and verbal: memory, recall, recognition, labeling, and sound matching.

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